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Tuition comes out to just $11 per class, and we also offer sibling discounts.
Three full classes in just one day a week means more time for family, friends, and schoolwork! 
Highly experienced, passionate teachers eager to share their craft! Meet the Staff!

What TAA Is and How It Works

TAA is a year-long triple-threat program which trains students ages 6-18 in the areas of theatrical acting, singing, and dancing (semesters 1 and 2) applying what they've learned in an end of the year theatrical performance (semester 3).

Theater Arts Academy will meet once per week at Dance Dynamics in Ocean View, NJ.

Building Community

Sojourn Productions is about more than just learning theater arts or putting on a quality performance. We have a desire for both the students as well as their parents to connect, build relationships, and establish community.
Cafe Waiting Area
Parents will be able to enjoy a hot coffee and snack, and read a book or socialize in the Cafe waiting area.
Enjoying Dinner Together
Students will have the opportunity to enjoy a dinner break with their friends. This is a great opportunity for students to connect and build friendships!

TAA 2019-2020 Information

Semester One - 8 Wednesdays

SPECIAL FOR THIS SEMESTER! We are going to do a SHOWCASE* at the end of this semester! Details forthcoming, but most likely the showcase date will be November 18.

*Note: Showcase details are subject to change based on NJ COVID-19 restrictions.

September 30, 2020-November 18, 2020

Semester Two - 8 Wednesdays

24 classes total (3 classes per night)
 January 13,2020-March 3, 2020

Acting, Voice, & Dance
8 weeks for just $275
 $245 each additional sibling.
Acting, Voice, & Dance
8 weeks (24 classes total) for just $275
 ($245 each additional sibling)
Note: A full semester contains 3 classes: acting, singing, and dancing.
Students may opt to take only 1 or 2 classes, but must take 3 to participate in the semester 3 production. We strongly encourage students to take two full semesters for the full training and experience.

Semester Three - 12 Rehearsals + Performance

Monday evenings from March 10, 2021 - May 12, 2021 + tech (May 18 and 21) and 2-3 Friday rehearsals.

Here's your chance to apply what you've learned! Students who participated in at least one full semester (or 3 classes) throughout the year are qualified to join the performance semester (semester 3) and will get the chance to act, sing, and dance in a theatrical production! The 2020 show is going to be THE LITTLE MERMAID, JR!
12 rehearsals + Performance for $300 plus a small performance fee

2019-2020 School Year Schedule:

Times and Dates

Theater Arts Academy will meet once/week at Dance Dynamics located at 2609 Shore Rd, Ocean View, NJ 08230.

Semester 1 Classes
(2020-2021 School Year)

Wednesdays: September 30-November 18
Time: 4:30-7:00 p.m. (dinner break included)

Semester 2 Classes
(2020-2021 School Year)

Wednesdays: January 13-March 3
Time: 4:30-7:00 p.m. (dinner break included)

Semester 3 Rehearsals
(2020-2021 School Year)

Wednesdays: March 24-May 12 4:30-7:30
Tech: Tuesday, May 18, 5:00-8:00 and Saturday, May  22, 12pm-4pm
Fridays: March 26, April 16, April 30
Performance: Sunday, May 23 at 2:00 PM. 

Important Information

*Proper attire for dance class is: jazz shoes, leggings (for girls), shorts, and a t-shirt.
**Classes include a 30 minute dinner break, a great opportunity for students to connect and build friendships!
The Sojourn Productions staff is so excited for the opportunity to have your students in their class! Please note that the teachers are Christians; however, we do not require anyone who participates in our classes or productions to be Christians. While we don’t have a policy of centering any lessons around our faith, we are excited about our faith and do not conceal it. Thank you for your understanding!

COVID-19 Guidelines and Precautions

For the safety of the students and staff, we are implementing the following COVID-19 guidelines for TAA.
  • Students and staff will be socially distanced in classes and will be required to wear masks when social distancing is not possible.
  • Class sizes will be limited.
  • Classes will eat dinner together in classrooms (rather than all students eating at once in one room)
  • Rooms will be sprayed before each class.
IMPORTANT: For our TAA classes last year, students auditioned for The Little Mermaid, were given roles, and unfortunately were not able to rehearse and ultimately perform. For this reason, we moved our The Little Mermaid performance to 2021, but students who were already given roles will keep the roles they've been assigned.

New students will be part of our big ensemble full of tons of singing and dancing opportunities! If any new roles become available, those will be open for auditioning.

We apologize for any inconvenience as we strive to not disappoint our students who worked so hard to earn their roles. Thank you!